scuminc said: love your blogg, photos are great !

thanks man

Truro Graffiti
Truro NCP Parking Lot

Anonymous said: where is archie these days?

Around october he moved to Canada by himself but at Easter time he planned a surprise visit home and came back without telling us which was cool, he’s still home for now and I don’t think he knows when he’ll go back to canada, so yeah that’s where he is now


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Jack Burrows
Barney Hayter - Nollie Flip

Anonymous said: Were you at the 2014 drop? Thought i saw your gf's pussy on show

that doesnt even make sense

Supreme S/S2014 Drop
Supreme S/S2014 drop

Anonymous said: Why you in Oxford man

went on a road trip with my girlfriend a few days back, that was just a picture from it

Supreme S/S 2014 Drop

Anonymous said: you're the cutest thing ever and omg ily so much uhh

Haha thanks v much