Anonymous asked: Were you at the 2014 drop? Thought i saw your gf's pussy on show

that doesnt even make sense

Supreme S/S2014 Drop
Supreme S/S2014 drop

Anonymous asked: Why you in Oxford man

went on a road trip with my girlfriend a few days back, that was just a picture from it

Supreme S/S 2014 Drop

Anonymous asked: you're the cutest thing ever and omg ily so much uhh

Haha thanks v much

me again

Anonymous asked: why do you have to be so attractive and ugh

idk ahah

Snapchat, rorcarrot, add me!

Anonymous asked: Where did you get your record player from?

it’s from ebay, i would tell you what model but i have forgotten sorry

Anonymous asked: your photography is pretty amazing. ily

thank you very much!

Anonymous asked: What cameras do you use?

For my digital stuff i use a canon 550d/t2i, and then i have a bunch of film cameras my main one was a canon eos 500 but i lent that to my girlfriend so i now use a canon av-1 (i kinda like canon i know)

alvkat asked: have you ever heard of the neighbourhood? x

no never heard of them before ill give them a listen now!